5 Tips for the perfect subject line

Is there such a thing as the perfect subject line?

Well, basically no. However, depending on what your goal is, what is the purpose of the email you are sending? the subject line is absolutely key and can completely influence and change the outcome of your email send.

In our epxerience you need to always follow these 5 simple methodologies to ensure you use your perfect subject line:

  1. Target and Personalise – any email sent to a person who is expecting the email or is addressed to in a familiar way will ensure it gets the highest open rate.
  2. Consider highlihghting a specific offer in the subject line – If like many shops you have multiple products that could appeal, select the one that will get you the most cut through and feature it. This will ensure that product secures the majority of the click activity as well.
  3. Who am i hoping will open the email? – do you need to change your languae, is the message more suited for a passive person or one that needs action and response. The language used in your subject line will appeal to different people – who are you targeting?
  4. Short and concise – a subject line is not a parargraph to list all the contents of your newsletter. It is a subject line of what to expect within. Give enough to entive the open but not too much that you can delete it without reading.
  5. Avoid SPAM words – There are many variations of rules here, however, if you think it could be construed and used by someone targeting unsuspecting individuals then it likely will be an someone’s SPAM list. Hard to avoid words that you should try and not use include, WIN, Free, Sale, Help, Percent off and many more.

In trying to find the perfect subject line i thought a list of great ones vs. the not so great should help:

Your Booking
Congratulations John
Our April Newsletter
Invitation to Hocky Ball

Final days of 50% off
Last chance to get the pre release seats at the next concert to come to town for the X band
Help me get to 10,000 likes


Open rates vary and subject lines will impact this. Consider A/B testing your next campaign to see if you can pick up on some little wins that your subscriber list is unique for.

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