A/B Testing, the benefits and why you should insist on this feature

A/B Testing, the benefits and why you should insist on this feature

What is A/B Testing?

Wikipedia: A/B testing, Multi-variant testing, split testing or bucket testing compares a control sample to other samples in order to discover how to improve response or conversion rates.

My version: A/B testing, is the number 1 simple way to maximise your email results.

So in practice you have 3 options with A/B testing in email. You can conduct a test on subject line, from name or on the content and a sample size of your subscriber list is sent either campaign A or B. After a set time or after a condition/rule is met the remainder of your subscriber list is sent the ‘winning’ campaign.


Scenario 1:

  • Your planned campaign has 2 incredible offers but you are having the eternal discussion with management around which one should be placed in the top of the email and which one should be featured below. A simple A/B test would completely negate the need for discussion because your subscribers could tell you which they prefer by clicking on the banner or image that resinates the best

Scenario 2:

  • You have what you believe to be the strongest product or offer in your market and all you need is as many eye balls in your subscriber list to see it. You consider what subject line is going to get the very best open rate. You have 2 but can’t decide. A simple A/B test would guve you the luxury of seeing which subject line triggers the best open rate and most appeals to your subscriber list and then send that to the remainder.

Very quickly you can see why this is probably the best tool in your arsenal to improve the performance of all of your email campaigns. Insist on this feature in your email software solution and insist on it being standard, an extra cost for this feature could set you back.


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  2. A/B testing is a must in our opinion because there is no better feedback for an email marketer that comes so easily and for such a little cost! There are so many variants that can impact the performance of any one individual email newsletter you send. By A/B testing each email you are able to reduce some of the variants by sending at the same time to the same list but with a few small subtle differences. The best way to learn is to see it in action. That way you start to form a plan to improve your overall email and communication strategy.


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