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To design, develop and deliver unique and innovative web technologies
and eCommerce solutions that wow the customer.

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Digital Marketing

Specialising in email marketing but offering experience and advice in all facets of your digital proposition.

Innovative Thinking

Engaging with users through innovative technologies and programs to ensure your brand is front of mind.

Your Strategy

In collaboration, we define a communication strategy that works and delivers through technology.


A 24 hour SLA on emails and phone support for premium clients, we are here to help!

Our Story

If you have customers then you should be communicating by email with them. This is the one of the biggest opportunities you have to help maximise your sales, revenue and repeat and referrals. Plus an effective email communication strategy doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to create or operate.

The important thing is you need a strategy, you need expertise in this space to do it well and the first step in getting serious about email is to make sure you have the right technologies to support you.

Simple News is an Online email marketing solution for the small, medium and even large businesses. If you are looking for expertise, a platform that is best in class and used by millions and service that simply delivers, then contact us today.

Simple News is a product by IM Holdings, an Australian (Melbourne) based online technology company operating since August 2010.

James Owen

James Owen


I don’t have the Degree in Digital Marketing or any formal qualification to boast about, but I do have a deep desire to win and can learn faster than most with experience in many different verticals, including, retail, travel, real estate and through relationships many more.

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