Get your sales message through with all that background noise

Get your sales message through with all that background noise

Today my inbox received a battering.

Yours probably did to. Every retailer, online and offline struggling for my dollar. The problem, i deleted most of them. It started to make me think, how do you get cut through with so much going on? How do you get your voice heard in amongst the background noise, which at this time of year is screaming:

  • Standout from the crowd – with so many emails in my inbox all with the standard, boxing day sale message, best sale ever message, how do you make yours ring true? It has to stand out and make someone want to click it. Think of the best subject lines you have read, why did you read it? Was it interesting or was it the offer? Was it personalised? Did it rhyme? Think about it.
  • If you’re on sale, be on sale! – The up to 50% off message is wearing thin, the reams of conditions don’t look good on email and certainly don’t entice. A sale should be a sale. It should be x% off everything. The best message i saw today was simple, 40% off everything, you couldn’t get into the store it was so busy. The message was simple, it had value, it appealed and was clear – my subject line for this store if i worked there: Is today the best day to buy shoes?
  • Be topical – Christmas is Christmas. Talking about Easter at this time is risky. Yes you could get cut through but you could miss the mark completely. Easter at Christmas is probably not the right message.
  • Be timely – Think about what is going on in your customers world at the time they will likely receive the email. If you send at lunch expect to catch certain people out and about but you could also grab people as soon as they come back. If you send at 4pm chances are you will catch some people at the end of a work day and on their way out or back home. An email sent on Christmas morning is not likely to get read.

There is no rule that fits all. You know your business and you will know what is the best for it if you take a second to think it through before you hit send. Too many email marketers will have to face some hard facts after they review some of the emails that were sent over this period.


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