Should i switch to a template based email or not?

Should i switch to a template based email or not?

The simple answer is YES!

Here are 5 great reasons why templated emails are the simplest and often the best solution for every business.

  1. It is Quicker – Building an email from scratch each time you want to send a newsletter is a lengthy process. Have you got the time to waste?
  2. Resource – Do you have the resource to build an HTML template every time you want to send an email? Have you got the developers on hand to ensure that all email clients display the email as you wish.
  3. Anyone can use a good template – some simple training and just about anyone can work a template, from resizing imagery to fit, to never having to worry about styles again.
  4. Stay on Brand – multiple people can update a template and send newsletters and you can sleep easy knowing that your brand is being protected with a solid template and a consistent design.
  5. Design it once and get it looking how you want it to all browsers and cut down on the final design testing before you send every single mailing.

Insist on a well built solid template that actually meets your needs. Make sure that there is enough rigidity to keep your brand and positioning in tact but enough flexibility to meet the needs of your business. Don’t get stuck in the position of an overly restrictive template that you and your team resent.

Enjoy lengthy consultations with Simplenews to ensure that your template is built exactly how you want. Build with peace of mind knowing that the repeater sections within the template give you the ability to have an email as short as this article or as long as an encyclopedia!



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