Simple tips to grow your subscriber list

Simple tips to grow your subscriber list

The chances are that every email you send you going to get at least 1 unsubscriber. This is not a bad thing. A quality list is worth more to you than a large list that is disengaged. The reality is, if you don’t have a sound strategy to keep your list topped up with new subscribers then you will run out of opportunities.

What can you do to entice someone to give you their email address?

  1. Trust – People don’t give their email address to anyone. In the early days of SPAM, Nigerian Banking Windfalls and Lottery wins, you generally were a lot more liberal with who and where you were prepared to submit your email. The times have changed. How do you demonstrate trust?
  2. Value – What does your email newsletter offer that someone can’t get myself? What value do you offer to the consumer that no one else can?
  3. Incentive – This can be one of the most effective ways to grow your list, however if you don’t demonstrate trust and value as well as the incentive then there is little hope you will hold on to the subscriber and you will lose the strength of your subscriber list.
  4. Targeting – Only send messages, and news that they have requested. Don’t just blast your list with the same message. Consider giving the subscriber the option for frequency and content etc.
  5. Competitions – Make it a condition of entry to subscribe to your list. This will work. But can very quickly dilute the effectiveness of your campaigns. Did someone join because they wanted to hear from you or win the prize you offered.
  6. Ask for it – In talking to your customer base, always present the benefits of your list. Explain why they would be missing out if they weren’t on it.

Hopefully, these 6 simple ideas help to grow your subscriber list.

Are there more or better methods?

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